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Some areas of your life may be fine but, how do you resolve the areas that are not?


  • do you think you have to sort it all out on your own?

  • are you putting in lots of effort, but never quite succeeding?

  • do you have to get it right all the time?

  • do you feel you have to please everyone?

  • is there never enough time in your life to do everything that you want to do?

  • are things getting you down?

  • are you afraid that something might happen?

  • has something happened that you’re struggling to come to terms with?

  • do you feel driven to behave in ways that are unhelpful to you?

  • is your relationship is not working, or have you lost someone you love?


However trivial you may think your problem is, it’s still valid. Asking for help sooner gives you the best chance of recovering and moving on. I have wide experience of people bringing various types of problems. I help them  find resolution and the opportunity to heal.

Sarah Grundy

Counselling and psychotherapy

Finding resolution in your life


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