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The basic philosophical assumptions of Transactional Analysis (TA) are:

  • that you are essentially 'OK';

  • that you have the capacity to think for yourself;

  • that you can make decisions to live by that you can change.


TA proposes that you have parts of yourself, Parent, Adult, Child, (called 'Ego states'), that determine how you behave in different circumstances and with different people. This can help you to understand what might be going on for you, and give you and me a common language to help you to achieve whatever change you want to make.


It is used to enable you to look at how you relate to yourself and others around you.


TA can help you to become aware of how you hinder and hurt yourself, the changes you need to make, and the inner forces that may derail that change.


TA is used all over the world in business, education, as well as in therapy.

What is TA?

Sarah Grundy

Counselling and psychotherapy

Finding resolution in your life


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